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About Us

Isto Inc. is a two man indie dev team based in Calgary, Canada .

Stephen is a former Microsoft Program manager turned game designer. 

Kyle is a 2 time Olympic athlete, with his own wikipedia page. Ask us what its like to work with a famous person (It's pretty sick tbh). 

We're the creators of Disjoint, and our newest game, Atrio.

Our Philosophy

We live by one rule: Make amazing games. And also don't be jerks.

So technically two rules. But we're all about breaking rules cuz we're bad like that. So technically we could make a mediocre game just to break the rules but so far all of our game(s) have been amazing. 

"you want a quote? for what? those games you're always playing? can't you get a quote from someone who knows about those things? why not? this would be funnier? how is this funny? you better not quote me"

— Mom